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The time has come when technology does most of our work and science answers all our questions, well most of them! In spite of the astounding progress by technology and science the society is threatened by an idealistic vacuum. There is no second thought that man of today needs some sort of faith, some positive energy, a ray of hope to deal with the stress and tension of the current hectic life. Due to hectic competition and the pressure to meet the basic needs of an individual, people and especially youth today are compelled to commit acts of hideous crime which ruin the social structure necessary for a peaceful living. Uncertainty, insecurity and instability is haunting every individual, leading the new generation down towards somber future.

The biggest misguiding funda of this era is believing that “Money is Supreme” but can a person really buy happiness and inner peace with money? Is there a true progress when materialistic virtues dominate spiritual values?

The root cause of this chaos is lack of knowledge of the principles of life (religion). The masses, today, are unaware of precious guidelines for a happy and prosperous life given by religion. The present world is of intellectuals who, unfortunately, are unaware of religion and its principles that can fulfill their lives. There is no true knowledge of religion and its norms for contemporary society.
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